Safety & Quality

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Safety Is At The Heart Of All We Do

Safety is a definite and unalterable value for everyone at Lorneville. It’s at the heart of all that we do. Like everything at Lorneville, our dedication to safety starts with our leadership.

Taking Responsibility For The Safety of Our Teams

Each manager is held personally accountable for maintaining the integrity of their job site and ensuring every employee goes home safely to their families at the end of the workday. To maintain our safe work environments, we have put in place a rigorous safety program. This program has been meticulously designed using the principles of risk avoidance and accident prevention. It is laid out in a detailed procedure manual that is provided to each member of the Lorneville team.

Our Dedication to Safety Impacts Everyone

At Lorneville, our commitment extends from the corner office to our contractors on-site. From senior management to front line supervisors, everyone can be found on our job sites ensuring everything is done properly and safe work practices are adhered to. Our commitment to a culture of safety allows each member of our team to focus on their task at hand, ultimately improving our efficiency and ensuring our ability to complete your project on time and on budget.

Openness and Integrity is Our Promise to You

When you choose Lorneville, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a team that upholds the highest level of integrity. Since the very beginning, Lorneville has operated on a platform of trust, transparency, and openness. When completing a project, our focus is on delivering top quality results that surpass customer expectations and require little to no rework.

Lorneville’s Quality Management Program reflects our commitment to efficiency, quality, and compliance. The program includes extensive policies, controls, and procedures with reference to activities such as:

  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Project management
  • Procurement and verification
  • Material storage
  • The qualification and training of personnel
  • Examination and inspection
  • Welding
  • Care and control of measuring and testing equipment
  • Document control
  • Continuous improvement

Our quality system drives compliance in our operations

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Lorneville’s Quality Management System is robust, diverse, and drives compliance and integrity in our operations. The system’s core is built on an ISO 9001 foundation and has the flexibility to integrate any boiler, pressure vessel, and piping codes along with their governing bodies.

Our quality system meets the requirements set forth by agencies such as the Canadian Welding Bureau, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the CSA Group, and the International Organization for Standardization. We maintain certifications to ISO 9001:2015; CSA Standard N285.0 (nuclear); CSA Standards W47.1 (steel) and W47.2 (aluminum);  and registration of our ASME Quality Control Program with all provincial boiler and pressure vessel authorities across Canada.

To learn more about our dedication to safe work environments and our Quality Management Program, contact us today.

Lorneville’s health and safety culture is driven by our belief that no job warrants risking our employee’s health, the environment, or our customer’s operations. The foundation of our health and safety culture starts with our management’s unwavering belief and uncompromising commitment that doing it safe and doing it right is our only way.

Styve Dumochel, CEO

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