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From the construction and maintenance of power generation plants to safe and successful shutdowns, Lorneville has the capabilities required to scope and execute your next project. Whatever the needs of your next power generation project, our Lorneville Capabilities Guide highlights how we can help you meet your goals—safely, on schedule, and on budget. Get your copy of the Lorneville Capabilities Guide now.

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Mechanical Construction and Maintenance for Power Generation

When companies like TransCanada, Emera, and Suncor are seeking a contractor to successfully execute the construction, maintenance, or shutdown of a major power generation project, they turn to Lorneville. With a history of success in some of the largest construction and mechanical projects ever undertaken in northeastern North America, our track record speaks for itself.

The Lorneville team brings the highest standards of quality, safety, and workmanship to each power generation project. Our senior leadership team is hands-on, often working on job sites, and from top to bottom our organization is committed to ensuring that targets are being met, that safety is a priority, and that lines of communication with clients are clear and unobstructed.

Power generation projects are highly complex and require a level of institutional knowledge, adaptability, and organizational capacity that few other construction or mechanical contractors can match. Lorneville has many years of experience in executing critical path turnaround projects, and has a commitment to the quality of workmanship that ensures reliable power generation operation in between planned shutdowns.

The key strategy that has led to our success in power generation projects is our development of Project Core Teams. These teams are unique to each project and consist of a senior Project Manager, senior trade supervisors, and project engineers. This core serves as the backbone for the entire team, and their capabilities are leveraged to build the best possible group around them. The Project Team Core works in collaboration with your personnel, or can head up all planning, scheduling, and estimating activities, transitioning into the execution of your project. Every step of the way, the Project Core Team is on-site—offering you a consistent point of contact, building trust, and overseeing all work.

Why Lorneville?

Lorneville has developed an unparalleled level of expertise in power generation construction, maintenance, and shutdowns. When you choose Lorneville as a contractor for your power generation product, you’re choosing a company that:

  • Worked with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) on the massive refurbishment of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Station, the first CANDU 6 reactor in the world to undergo refurbishment.
  • Has been recognized with a Safety Leadership Award for our commitment to safety on the Fort Hills Cogeneration project
  • Has executed numerous projects associated with the Emera Energy-owned Bayside Power, including three C-Inspection Outages and other repair and replacement activities
  • Has experience working with many forms of power generation, including fossil fuels, hydro, and nuclear
Lorneville Team On-Site with CEO Styve Dumouchel

Featured Project

Fort Hills Gas Turbine Installation

Lorneville provided the full mechanical services 
for the installation of two new GE 7EA gas turbine packages for Suncor’s Fort Hills cogeneration plant located 80 km North of Fort McMurray, AB.

Lorneville’s scope included installation of the gas turbines, generators, inlet filters, cooling modules, fire suppression system and other associated auxiliary systems along with system lube oil flushing, chemical cleaning, and passivation.

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Lorneville Team Receiving Suncor Safety Award

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