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Lorneville’s unique approach to facility turnaround projects allows you to do more with less. All our turnaround work is headed on-site by the same core group of project experts, ensuring you’ll be working with a team you can trust—from planning through to execution. From reactor and regenerator refurbishments to exchanger openings, bundle pullings, piping, and furnace repairs, discover how we can put our expertise to work on your upcoming turnaround project. Get your copy of the Lorneville Capabilities Guide now. 

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Facility Turnaround Project Specialists

Executing facility turnarounds across Canada is among Lorneville’s core capabilities. Building on decades of experience executing turnarounds in the refining, pulp and paper, petrochemical, and power generation industries, our experts develop customized plans to meet your organization’s needs and budget. Once finalized, we successfully execute these plans, ensuring your operations are back up and running smoothly, safely, and on schedule.

Lorneville’s turnaround teams are responsible for managing all aspects of your project—from planning and cost estimating, to execution and reporting. Our well-trained and experienced staff develops customized resource-loaded schedules and labour management plans for each project we undertake. These plans accommodate for increases in scope mid-turnaround while avoiding cost overruns through effective delegation and labour utilization.    

Our thorough approach to turnaround projects includes creating a Project Team Core. This team is unique to each project we undertake and consists of a project manager, senior trade supervisors, and project engineers. All on-site turnaround work is led by the same Core Team, ensuring consistency throughout the project. The Core Team is always on-site, building trust and rapport with our clients and ensuring accountability each step of the way.

During the course of our time performing facility turnaround projects, we have worked with organizations across North America, including Irving and Imperial Oil. We are extremely proud to have completed these major projects and have been recognized by our clients for our successes—including being named a best contractor in applying Imperial Oil’s Loss Prevention System.

Why Lorneville?

Choosing Lorneville to complete your upcoming turnaround project means working with a partner that:

  • Has logged over one million turnaround hours in the last five years
  • Has successfully executed multiple turnarounds, requiring in excess of 250,000 hours with a peak workforce of 450
  • Has completed turnarounds in many different industries, including more than a decade of experience in the petrochemical industry
  • Has a proven track record of performing facility turnarounds for nationally and  internationally recognized organizations, including Irving Oil, Imperial Oil, and NB Power
  • Takes responsibility for all aspects of turnaround project management, including scoping, scheduling, and execution
  • Pairs engineers and trade superintendents on-site, combining high-level technical knowledge and extensive operational experience to create the strongest planning and execution team possible
  • Develops joint safety and quality objectives with clients
  • Keeps clients informed through daily updated-cost reports that outline planned and forecasted costs for scope completion
  • Has been praised by third-party readiness consultants for our attention to detail and reporting
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Featured Project

Irving Oil Reactor Head Replacement

In 2015, the Irving Oil Refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, underwent one of the largest turnaround projects in the company's history. This turnaround employed over 2,700 people at its peak. At Plant 425, Lorneville's team was responsible for a variety of work, including replacing the reactor head—a task that required a group of riggers with a wide range of expertise. "The lifts went flawlessly and everyone involved can hold their heads high with pride for another job well done by the Boilermakers," said Lorneville's Rigging Foreman, Joel McLaughlin.

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Irving Reactor Head Replacement

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