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Discover Lorneville’s Fabrication Expertise

At Lorneville, we leverage all of our experience to successfully complete your project. Our fabrication facilities enable us to work on projects of almost any size, and our expert fabrication team utilizes integrated shop drawing and quality processes to take your project from design to delivered product, and even through to on-site installation. With an extensive library of welding procedures and jurisdictional certifications, our team will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our pipe and pressure vessel fabrication abilities, get your copy of the Lorneville Fabrication Services Brochure.

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Turbines, Industrial Air Heaters, Specialty Welding and Other Services

We’re also capable of delivering a variety of specialty services. Whether it’s for a major industrial project, or to keep your facility and operations intact, Lorneville can help. Our experience is vast, including turbine projects, the repair and retubing of heat exchangers, rotating equipment, specialty welding procedure development, and the construction and installation of electrostatic precipitators.

Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Boilers, Air Heaters and Heat Recovery Steam Generators 

Lorneville offers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to servicing turbines and boilers to an OEM. We have experience in completing installation and upgrading services for clients, providing ongoing maintenance services under long-term contracts, and assisting with both planned and emergency outages.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Repair

Lorneville offers repair and retubing services for your heat exchangers, surface condensers, main condensers, coolers, chillers, and all other types of component heat transfer vessels for heavy industry applications. We can assist with sourcing replacement tubes of all grades for petrochemical, pulp and paper, and power plants. Our experience encompasses years of work on tube bundle replacement, tube bending, pipe bending, tube sheet and baffle repair and manufacturing, pressure vessel repair and manufacturing, on-site and shop heat exchanger retubing, and weld repair.

Rotating Equipment

Our team of skilled tradespeople and supervisors are capable of setting and aligning your rotating equipment. We work with the required specialty tools, and meet your company’s procedures to install, level, grout, and align pumps, fans, gearboxes, blowers, and compressors for all major industries. We can remove and reinstall any piece of rotating equipment, and our process involves state-of-the-art laser alignment, supported by vibration analysis.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Lorneville has a proven track record in the construction, installation, repairing, and upgrading of new electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). On new installations, we work closely with major OEMs, combining our construction expertise with their design knowledge to deliver the best possible product to customers in the pulp and paper, power generation, and oil refinery industries. Our clients also turn to us for annual maintenance on ESPs—we ensure all repairs are completed on time, on budget, and without error to facilitate a smooth start and reliable performance.


Lorneville is a trusted name in performing the most challenging rigging jobs economically and safely. Our engineers work closely with our field supervisors and are supported by partner companies to plan and execute complex rigging jobs. Our responsibility is to ensure no details are overlooked, and our commitment is to deliver the best rigging solution based on your needs.

Why Lorneville?

When you choose Lorneville to complete commercial fabrication and specialty services for your upcoming project, you’re choosing a partner that:

  • Can carry out your whole fabrication project, from design to installation
  • Has in-house expertise to support OEM equipment installation and repairs on turbines, boilers, rotating equipment and more
  • Has extensive experience planning and executing complex and critical lifts 
  • Has the capacity to accommodate projects of all sizes—our facility has two fabrication bays, each with 40ft of space under the crane hook, and has two large doors, measuring 38ft wide x 31ft high
  • Maintains in-house capabilities to develop and perform specialized welding procedures to CWB, ASME, and ISO 9001 standards
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Featured Project

Coleson Cove 900 MW Thermal Plant Upgrade

During the Coleson Cove 900 MW Thermal Plant upgrade project, Lorneville was hired by NB Power to design, fabricate, and install a new Flue Gas Breaching System.

For this project, Lorneville utilized fabricated modules to gain efficiencies in field construction activities, and with efficiency knowledge, we fabricated large modules in our shop. This fabrication project included:

Six units, 150ft long x 21ft in diameter x 140 tonnes
Eight units, 110ft long x 21ft in diameter x 110 tonnes
Twelve units, 60ft long x 21ft in diameter x 40 tonnes

After the design and fabrication of these modules in our Saint John, New Brunswick fabrication facility, we shipped the modules to the thermal plant in Coleson Cove for installation by our team. This project was a massive success, as we were able to apply a unique approach to rigging that allowed us to position large components beyond the reach of cranes. This method was a critical factor in the success of the project—a testament to Lorneville's commitment to delivering the most efficient and effective approaches to fabrication and installation.

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Flue Gas Breaching System

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