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Whatever form of construction, expansion, or maintenance you have in mind, Lorneville has the capabilities required to scope and execute your next pulp and paper project. Our Lorneville Capabilities Guide highlights how we can help you meet your goals—safely, on schedule, and on budget. Get your copy of the Lorneville Capabilities Guide now.

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Construction and Mechanical Contracting for Pulp and Paper

Lorneville is the construction and mechanical contracting company that organizations like JD Irving, Resolute Forest Products, and Aditya Birla Group turn to when they’re planning major projects. As a company, we got our start performing boiler installation and maintenance in the pulp and paper industry. Now, with a history of success in some of the largest construction and mechanical projects ever undertaken in northeastern North America, you can be sure that Lorneville has the capabilities to successfully execute any project in the pulp and paper industry.

Lorneville has years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, and we have successfully completed many projects, including both the fabrication and installation of new equipment and repairs to existing equipment. We provided the full mechanical and electrical scope for the installation of a new Clyde Bergemann Electro-Static Precipitator at the Northern Pulp Mill in Abercrombie, Nova Scotia. That included the ESP installation, as well as ash conveyors, chutes, tank and field weld lines on ductwork, boiler house modifications, and electrical work.

When project managers work on-site alongside engineers and trades, it adds a layer of accountability to the project. We have been recognized for the quality we’ve achieved and have been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. As we’ve grown, we’ve worked to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of a smaller company, and we bring this passion to every pulp and paper project we work on.

A project core team is assembled for every project and consists of a Senior Project Manager, senior trade supervisors, and project engineers. This core serves as the backbone for the entire project, and and we leverage their capabilities to build the best possible team. This enables us to complete large-scale and long-term projects efficiently and safely, such as our work on the Irving Pulp and Paper New Continuous Cook Plant–a complex project spaced out over the period of two years.

Why Lorneville?

Over the years, Lorneville has built a high level of expertise in pulp and paper construction and mechanical contracting projects. If you choose Lorneville, you’re choosing a contractor that:

  • Has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies
  • Has extensive experience with recovery and power boiler work, ID fan, evaporators, ESPs, digesters, chip conveyors, piping, and pumps
  • Has the capabilities to handle every aspect of a pulp and paper project, from the fabrication and installation of specialized equipment to safety and labor management
  • Has helped increase production at numerous facilities through equipment upgrades and new construction 
  • Has successfully executed projects for some of the biggest companies in the Canadian pulp and paper industry, such as Irving Pulp & Paper
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Featured Project

JDI Lake Utopia Biomass Boiler Construction

Lorneville was the primary mechanical contractor for the construction of a Wellons 4-Cell 110/140,000 PPH Wood-Fired Boiler System with electrostatic precipitator. Upon completion of civil foundation work, mechanical construction occurred over a period of approximately six months. This included the construction of the boiler building, fuel delivery system, boiler, and electrostatic precipitator. The Biomass boiler was installed to provide plant steam to the adjacent corrugated medium mill.

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Biomass Boiler Construction at JDI Lake Utopia

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