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From fabricating first-of-a-kind tidal turbines to staging and assembly of offshore wind components, discover how Lorneville can bring together tidewater access, an extensive staging area, and world-class industrial experience to service the Marine Renewable and Offshore Wind sectors.  To learn more about our unique combination of location, capabilities and partners, get your copy of Lorneville’s Offshore Wind Opportunities Guide.

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At Lorneville we recognize our world holds many exciting and essential Energy Transition opportunities that are critical to our future. However, we believe this transition is not new. In fact, it has been occurring for as long as we have been in business.

From our base in Saint John New Brunswick, the energy hub for Atlantic Canada, we have worked with companies such as FORCE, ALSTOM Hydro, Irving and NB Power who have a history of leading the way on Canadian energy transition projects.

Today, offshore wind and tidal renewable power generation, along with carbon sequestration and energy storage technologies are grounded in the building blocks of industrial project know-how that Lorneville has gained for more than 40 years.  From the first CANDU 6 nuclear refurbishment to Canada’s world scale LNG facilities to refinery Biodiesel conversions, we’ve been at the forefront of this movement across Canada for years. 

Our extensive experience with large-scale cryogenic liquid and molten salt storage and transfer systems, as well as rotating equipment installation and overhaul millwrighting expertise, is ideally suited to support the ever-expanding fleet of renewable power generating resources.

By assembling a Project Core Team we can support the entire project lifecycle of your project, from FEED level budgeting and constructability reviews to construction and commissioning. With this approach, we function as partners with our clients to help plan and construct your Greenhouse Gas reduction and Carbon Neutral project.

Why Lorneville?

When your organization chooses to work with Lorneville on your ESG and Energy Transition projects, you’ll be working with a company that:

  • Has fabricated and constructed first of kind Tidal Power units and Green Hydrogen plants
  • Is experienced in construction and maintenance of proven renewable energy facilities utilizing Hydropower and Biomass
  • Has fabrication facilities and staging yards located adjacent to the 500-tonne Spruce Lake barge terminal on the Bay of Fundy to support your Offshore Wind and Tidal projects; for fabrication of transition piece, jacket structure and floating base components or maintenance service for your tidal turbines and gearbox overhauls. 
  • Brings extensive Petrochemical experience on molten salt, catalyst, amine, and cryogenic systems, as well as rotating turbines, turboexpanders and compressors; all critical knowledge for your Thermal Energy Storage (TES), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) or Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCUS) projects
  • Holds N285 certification and is located in one of the developing centres of excellence for Small Modular Reactor (SMR) fabrication and construction
  • Employs Quality personnel that are experienced with implementing new codes and standards under an ISO 9001 program
  • Retains in-house specialists to develop the welding procedures for the advanced alloys and materials required on new energy technologies

Featured Project

Alstom Fundy Tidal Power Turbine Augmenter

In conjunction with a government-sponsored initiative (FORCE), Alstom Hydro undertook to install a 1 MW unit on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy designed to generate electricity from Tidal Currents. Alstom was responsible for the design, construction and installation of the unit. FORCE, a government-sponsored organization was responsible for laying the connection cables. Alstom was responsible for the design, construction, and installation of the unit. Lorneville completed the fabrication of the Augmenter. It houses the generator and is approximately 45ft in diameter x 22ft wide x 156 Tonnes.

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Unit Under Construction at Alstom Hydro

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