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From fabricating and installing parts and processing equipment to performing ongoing maintenance and repairs, Lorneville has the capabilities required to scope and execute any project in the mining and minerals industry. Whether you’re planning a new mine construction or are simply looking to upgrade your existing processing plant, our Lorneville Capabilities Guide highlights how we can help you meet your goals—safely, on schedule, and on budget. Get your copy of the Lorneville Capabilities Guide now.

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Mining and Minerals Construction and Mechanical Contracting

Lorneville is one of northeastern North America’s most trusted construction and mechanical contractors in the mining and minerals industry. We have successfully completed major projects for companies like Vale, TATA Steel Minerals, and PotashCorp. Whether you are planning a new mine construction, a mine or facility expansion, the installation of new equipment, or the maintenance and repair of an existing plant, Lorneville has the experience and expertise to successfully execute your project on schedule and on budget.

Lorneville has participated in a variety of high profile construction, repair, and upgrade projects in the mining and minerals industry. We were contracted to fabricate and install process piping in the new mine air building during the PCS Picadilly Mine expansion. We are also responsible for the construction of the Primary and Secondary Sizing Crushing units and their associated material handling equipment at TATA Steel’s DSO Timmins Site. Our success is largely due to our Project Core Teams, who are responsible for establishing the right team of engineers and labourers to ensure these projects go off without a hitch.

We have a firm understanding of the unique logistical challenges that accompany construction and mechanical contracting in the mining and minerals industry. We have experience completing multiple projects in remote locations, and have qualified staff available to travel to remote project sites. We have proudly worked alongside our Indigenous Partners to successfully complete numerous past projects.

Lorneville is committed to safety. On large mining and mineral projects with hundreds of workers performing potentially dangerous tasks, an institutional devotion to safety best practices is critical. However, it’s just as important to be innovative when safety best practices aren’t good enough. Lorneville has a history of taking all necessary steps to help workers avoid injury in every aspect of a project.

Why Lorneville?

With many years of experience in the mining and minerals industry, Lorneville is a natural choice for any construction, expansion, or maintenance projects. When you choose Lorneville, you’ll be working with a company that:

  • Can draw from a large pool of experienced and qualified workers to ensure that each project has the personnel it needs to succeed
  • Has the experience and institutional knowledge to handle projects in remote or inhospitable locations
  • Proud to have worked along side our Indigenous Partners to successfully complete numerous past projects
  • Has worked on numerous construction and installation projects for the world’s largest fertilizer company, PotashCorp 
  • Possesses vast experience in the mineral and mining industry, including the installation of natural gas, propane piping, pumps, cyclones and other specialized equipment
  • Has the capabilities to handle every aspect of a mining project, from fabrication to installation, to safety management
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Featured Project

Facility Construction at Vale INCO. Nickel Processing Plant

In 2009, Canadian mining company Vale INCO. started the construction of a major processing facility in Long Harbour, Newfoundland, to produce finished nickel product mined from the Voisey’s Bay deposits. Lorneville was responsible for the construction of one of the buildings on site to help house the processing plant. Lorneville’s first endeavour in Newfoundland was a success, and we are now well poised for additional industrial projects being developed in the region.

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Nickel Processing Plant at Vale Inco

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